About Us

The mission of the Georgia Aquatic Hall of Fame is to preserve the history of aquatics in Georgia and to celebrate Georgians who have excelled in aquatic sports.

Several years ago, a broad spectrum of individuals recognized that there was no organization available to promote or celebrate aquatic excellence in the State of Georgia. With no funding, the group began to work toward establishing the Georgia Aquatic Hall of Fame in May of 2010.

The first few years were spent trying to find a physical location to call “The Georgia Aquatic Hall of Fame”. No place met the committee’s criterion, so it was decided that the best place for the Hall was on the internet – a location with free access for the general public 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Georgia Aquatic Hall of Fame, Inc. is a 501(c)4 non-profit incorporated in May 2010. The Hall’s primary purpose is to recognize and honor past contributions or achievements in aquatics. The Hall’s board of directors works toward educating the public about the performance of athletes and the tireless efforts of their coaches. However, the board does not limit induction into the Hall solely to athletes and coaches. Individuals or groups will be considered for induction into the Hall under the category of “lifetime achievements”.

Board of Directors

Mike Eddy

Mary Scott Freeman

Bart Graham

Harvey Humphries

David Jacobson

Dan Laak

Dan Willoughby Jr.

John Wilson

Board of Directors Emeritus

Camilla McLean

Fred Stokes